What Happens After the Bail Bond is Posted?

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Bail Bonds

No one likes the idea of spending any amount of time in jail. When an arrest is made, one of the first things the individual will do is call a loved one and ask for the services of a local bail bonding company to be engaged. Once the Bail Bond in Douglasville GA is covered and the individual is released until the upcoming court date, several things will happen. Here are some examples.

Maintaining a Normal Routine

Once the Bail Bond in Douglasville GA is posted and the individual is home, it’s possible to resume normal activities. That means being able to get up in the morning and report for work. Along with earning a living, there is the opportunity to go out to dinner with friends, attend a movie, and in general do all the things that are part of the typical routine.

One exception has to do with travel. Depending on the limitations set by the court, the individual may not be allowed to go out of town without the permission of the authorities. For the most part, it makes sense to ensure that there is no reason to leave town until after the court date and the matter is finally settled.

Working With an Attorney

It is possible to confer with an attorney while in jail, but that is hardly the most conducive setting for planning a legal defense. With the client released on bond, the two parties can meet as often and as long as necessary to come up with a strategy. That increases the odds of ensuring that every relevant fact comes out during the upcoming hearing.

Honoring the Obligation to the Bonding Company

When the client accepts help with the bond, that establishes a covenant between the two parties. In exchange for getting out of jail until the court date, the client is pledging to pay the amount presented by the bonding professional. There is also the promise to show up for the court date without fail. Once both these covenants are honored, the business between the two parties is considered settled.

Don’t stare at bars for weeks before a court date arrives. Call the team at Free At Last Bail Bonds and arrange to be at home instead. Doing so makes it easier to get on with life, prepare a defense, and work for the best possible outcome.

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