How a Judge Decides to Set Bail and How a Bail Bondsman in Pontiac Decides to Accept Applications

At a bail hearing, two defendants might be waiting after being charged with the same offense. The judge can let one person go without paying bail and refuse to allow the other defendant to be released from jail before trial. The judge could also set bail at different levels for these two individuals. One defendant might be able to pay $3,000 for bail, while the other must seek out a bail bondsman in Pontiac for assistance because bail was set at $15,000.

Considering the Flight Risk

This may seem inherently unfair to the defendant required to pay a higher amount. However, judges must consider a variety of factors at bail hearings, and those factors influence their decisions. One of the main reasons that bail is set higher than usual is when the judge believes the defendant is a significant flight risk.

Bail is refunded when the case ends even if the person pleads guilty or is convicted at trial. The exception is when the defendant does not show up for a hearing or trial. The bail then is typically forfeited. The judge may feel that this defendant might be willing to give up $3,000, so a higher amount is set to provide more incentive not to run away.

Applying for a Bond

Many people cannot afford $3,000 for bail, much less $15,000. However, they can apply for assistance from a bail bondsman in Pontiac to post a surety bond to the court. That bond is intended to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court. The bonding agency looks for similar factors regarding trustworthiness as the judge did. That includes any prior criminal history and whether the defendant has strong ties to the community.

An agent with family-owned-and-operated bail bonds services will require collateral or a co-signer if the applicant’s trustworthiness is in question. This is for the agency’s protection in case the defendant disappears. Friends or relatives considering co-signing the paperwork often are in a difficult position. They must decide whether to protect their own assets by refusing to help or to accept the request to co-sign a contract with an organization like EZ1 Bail Bonds.

Considering the Flight RiskApplying for a