Are Bail Bonds in Fort Worth A Good Use of Money?

When a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, they are probably facing significant expenses in their future. Even if they qualify for court-appointed counsel, there are expenses like time away from work, that are associated with a criminal trial and certainly with a criminal conviction. Therefore, some people may wonder whether it is wise to spend money on Bail Bonding Services.

Why Pay Bond?

Because a bond is non-refundable, many people wonder if it is worth the expense. However, they still may not be able to come up with the amount of cash bail. While the court may reconsider the bail amount and lower it, that usually does not happen. That means a defendant either pays a bond or has to be in jail while awaiting trial. Eligible defendants in Tarrant County can obtain Bail Bonds in Fort Worth.

Why Is Getting Out of Jail Important?

Getting out of jail while awaiting trial is a high priority for many defendants. Besides the obvious desire for freedom, being out of jail can serve several important functions for a criminal defendant.

  • Defendants who are not in jail can participate more meaningfully in their own defense by being more accessible to their attorneys and having the freedom to do some of their own investigation and research.
  • Defendants who are in jail stop earning a living, while defendants who are released can work to make money for their defense and to support their families.
  • Many people who are arrested are caregivers for their children or other relatives and need to take care of those dependents while awaiting trial.
  • Even if a conviction and jail or prison sentence seems likely, most people who go to jail have not made arrangements for long-term incarceration. A pre-trial release allows a defendant to organize things even if they are anticipating a conviction and a lengthy sentence.

Learn More

The decision whether to use Bail Bonds in Fort Worth to secure a defendant’s pretrial release can be a complicated one. The first step in making that decision is contacting a bail bondsmen to find out the cost of the bond.