Watauga Bondsman Provides Compassionate Service & Affordable Bail Bonds

An average Watauga bondsman is easy to come by. You can see their “Contact Us Today” advertisements just about anywhere the law permits. However, some bond agents go above and beyond, offering prompt, respectful, understanding service and quick bail bonds with flexible payment options.

How Much Cash Up Front?

Financial inability to post bail is a prerequisite to the need for a bail bond. With limited or no cash to speak of, how can you even afford a bail bond? Luckily, a bail bond only amounts to roughly 10 percent of your bail.

Since bond agents are used to serving people with financial challengers, collateral in place of cash is an acceptable form of payment. Acceptable collateral varies from agent to agent, but airplanes, boats, vehicles with titles and guns are potential forms.

What Happens to Your Stuff?

Collateral guarantees payment to the court and payment of the bond agent’s fee if you cannot come up with cash eventually. You may also pay for your bail bond using most major credit cards.

The Watauga bondsman merely keeps your collateral until you appear in court and fulfill your commitment. Providing you pay basic court fees and the bond agent’s fee, you receive your collateral back.

In addition, exceptional bond agents may also provide a client liaison at the courthouse daily. Same-day appointments are always available, and all types of bonds anywhere in the United States are viable types that the bond agent can post easily.

Contact us today the online portal of Ronnie D. Long, Watauga Bondsman who posts all types of bonds anywhere in the country, offering flexible payment options and a seasoned, fully staffed team.