A vehicle that is 70 feet long and weighs 80,000 pounds pays extraordinarily high insurance premiums. The reason for that is the damage that they can do if they cause an accident. A large truck like a semi-trailer can go out of control at a high speed for a variety of reasons. According to the truck accident lawyer in Atlanta at The Champion Firm, here are a few of those reasons:

  • Distracted driving like talking on a mobile phone, texting while driving or watching using an infotainment center.
  • Following a vehicle ahead too closely.
  • Driving too fast for traffic or weather conditions.
  • Abrupt and unsafe lane changes.
  • Maintenance issues regarding brakes and tires.
  • Poor driver training and inexperience.

Some Examples of Truck Crash Injuries

A high speed impact between a semi-trailer and a passenger vehicle is likely to cause severe injuries or death. Here are some examples:

  • Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.
  • Damage to vital organs.
  • Traumatic and surgical amputations.
  • Multiple Fractures.
  • Damage to the structural spine.
  • Joint damage.
  • Wrongful death.

Retain Your Own Team

After a serious truck crash, the insurer of the truck will dispatch a team of investigators to compile a report. That report won’t provide any evidence in your favor. The purpose of the investigation is to try and push some or all of the fault for the crash over onto you. You’ll need your own team led by a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta to represent your best interest.

Don’t give a statement of any kind to the insurer of the truck that crashed into you. Georgia law doesn’t require you to do that. Politely refuse, and start your own team. Call The Champion Firm to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Atlanta right away.