When you buy a used car, you expect it to be in good condition and to run as it should. You do not anticipate it breaking down right away and needing hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs.

However, when the car that you just purchased needs work that equals or exceeds its value, you have the right to expect to get your money back. You can use the South Carolina lemon law to pursue the seller and recover your money within a certain time frame after the sale.

Hiring a Lawyer

Chances are that you are not well-versed in the lemon law or the rights that you have as a buyer. Rather than do the research yourself and still be unclear about what you are entitled to, you can hire an attorney who is very familiar in this area of law.

Your attorney can file immediate action against the seller in court and put this individual on notice that you intend to take both civil and criminal legal action against him or her. The notice gives the seller time to go to court against you or give you your money back as well as any damages to which you may be entitled.

Having a lawyer to represent you in the legal action can be critical in making an assertive impression and pursuing the right kind of closure. You can find out more about the South Carolina lemon law by contacting the Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center.