Information to Discuss with a Trucking Accidents Lawyer in Ottawa County

In Michigan, trucking accidents leave devastation in their wake. The events are caused by a multitude of reasons. Drunk driving and exhausted driving are the most common reasons. Reviewing what to discuss with a trucking accidents lawyer in Ottawa County helps victims build their case.

Did the Driver Comply with FMCSA Regulations?

The driver must comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations at all times. The primary regulations that are reviewed after an accident are the resting period, the log book, and if the driver stopped at a weigh station. Each of these laws outlines a possible reason for the accident. If the driver was exhausted, then a charge of exhausting driving is possible. An assessment of their log book must show that the driver is participating in an eight-hour resting period after a 12-hour shift. Weigh station stops are necessary to prevent unbalanced loads.

Was the Driver Intoxicated?

Driving under the influence is another major consideration after an 18-wheeler accident. Too often, the drivers use controlled substances to stay awake longer. Some stop at truck stops and drink alcohol and don’t wait enough time to ensure that they are sober. If a driver is guilty of a DUI, the state imposes penalties according to the number of previous convictions they have.

Was the Commercial Truck Owned by the Driver or a Corporation?

The owner of the 18-wheeler is at fault when the driver causes the accident. If the driver is the owner, then they must file an insurance claim throughout their insurance provider. If the truck is owned by a corporation, then they are responsible for filing claims or compensating victims.

How Severe Are the Victim’s Injuries?

The severity of the victim’s injuries defines how substantial the compensation is if the victim wins their case. Life-threatening conditions, permanent disabilities or conditions, such as the loss of limb, increase the potential monetary award provided by the truck owner.

In Michigan, trucking accidents often lead to serious injuries and fatalities. The individuals who sustain injuries due to the events develop life-changing conditions or die as a result of their injuries. Victims who need assistance from a trucking accidents lawyer in Ottawa County can contact Bleakley Law Offices P.C. right now.