One of the ways a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hillsboro OR can help a defendant avoid a conviction is by suppressing the evidence in the case. If enough evidence is suppressed, the prosecution will not be able to obtain a conviction and may be willing to drop the charges completely. There are a few ways a lawyer can work on suppressing evidence, including the following.

Prove Evidence Was Probably Tampered With

If the evidence has been tampered with in any way, it may be possible for a defense attorney to prove this occurred. If the evidence has been tampered with or it’s likely that it was tampered with, it may not be admissible in court. This could lead to dismissed charges because other evidence could be called into question as well.

Prove Chain of Custody Was Broken

All evidence must be kept carefully until it is used in court. If this chain of custody is broken at any point, it’s possible the evidence was tampered with or has been contaminated. Since there is no longer a guarantee that the evidence is valid, it can usually be suppressed. This means it can’t be used against the defendant because there may be no way of knowing if the evidence is still valid.

Prove Evidence Is Not Relevant to the Case

Evidence must be relevant to be used in a court case. If the evidence is not relevant, it may be suppressed. A defense attorney can look into the validity of the evidence and help show that the evidence is not relevant and, therefore, should not be admissible in court.

If you’ve been arrested, speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hillsboro OR as soon as possible about the case. When the have the time to look into the evidence carefully, the attorney may be able to find ways to have some or all of the evidence suppressed. When this does happen, it means there could be a reduced chance of a conviction. Visit the website to learn more About The Law Office of Andrew M. Kohlmetz LLC today or to find a lawyer to speak with about your case.