Facing charges for some kind of traffic violation is not something to consider small potatoes. Depending on the nature of the charge, there could be consequences that linger for years. The right move to make is to hire a traffic attorney in Orange, VA and get ready for that day in court. Here are some of the reasons why hiring legal counsel is the only way to go.

Understanding Applicable Laws

While the accused party has a general understanding of local traffic laws, many of them remain a mystery to them. Since there is not a lot of time until the court date, forget about trying to dig through law books and find anything of help. A better approach is to hire a traffic attorney in Orange, VA who is already familiar with those laws and how they’ve been applied in the past. Access to that type of information can make the difference between mounting a successful defense and being left to the tender mercies of the court.

Gathering Evidence

The attorney will know the right ways to gather evidence relevant to the case. This includes interviewing anyone who saw the event, going over the police reports, and in general determining if there is anything there to support the client’s version of what took place. In many cases, an attorney can identify a few facts that would be overlooked otherwise. Those seemingly innocuous details could be the key to making a powerful statement in the court.

Pleading the Client’s Case

The attorney knows how to present evidence in a manner that is acceptable to the court. That is not necessarily true for the defendant. Choosing to have an attorney on hand to ensure all procedures are followed will enhance the odds of all the facts coming out. In a good situation, that will mean a decision in favor of the defendant.

If an allegation of some type of traffic violation has surfaced, the number one thing to do is secure legal counsel immediately. Contact us today and arrange for a consultation to make sure that your rights are protected during the hearing and increase the odds for a better outcome.