How a Written Warranty can protect you when purchasing a Used Car

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Attorneys

A majority of the states have lemon laws that protect a consumer if they should happen to purchase a defective automobile. Unfortunately, not every state has laws that will protect a customer if they buy a used care. Often when a person buys a used car, they are purchasing that vehicle with an understanding that it is being sold ‘as is.’ Which would be acceptable as long as the car operates correctly and the consumer is not paying out more for repairs than they did for the car. When purchasing a used car the lemon law can protect you by obtaining a written warranty from the dealership.

Purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Automobile

While ideally, people would like to purchase a brand new car that is not always an affordable option for them. However, they do not have to risk the chance of purchasing a defective car when they purchase a certified automobile. A certified pre-owned auto will cost less than a brand new car, but still meets the conditions of the manufacturer that the car will still function properly. An auto that has been certified can come with a guarantee that car will be repaired for free if a problem comes up. Some dealerships will even stand behind the vehicles that they own and guarantee they will function properly for a particular amount of time.

Have Peace of Mind with a Warranty

Cars are one of the largest purchases consumers will make in their lifetime. When they purchase an automobile, they want the reassurance the car will function properly. A warranty can help give you a peace of mind knowing that you are protected even just for a little while. However, if you should experience a problem with your used car and feel that the warranty has been breached. A qualified legal firm such as Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can help determine if the dealership or manufacturer is in violation of the lemon laws.

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