What does a person do after they are arrested and jailed? Some people choose to sit in jail until their bail hearing takes place. Then, they cannot afford the whole bail bill and remain in jail until their trial. But, there is a different way to handle the arrest and jail. A person can obtain a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX. This process may be complicated, but a call to a bail bonds office can get fast results and help with the process. Companies such as Strike Three Bonds will meet with clients and help them through the whole process.

How Does Bail Bonding Work?

The bail bond process is complicated and hard to understand, but the bail bond company’s experienced professional agents explain the process. A family can get their member out of jail until a trial happens. At an initial hearing, bail is set. Bail is the amount of money paid by a defendant to ensure they will show up for their trial and not leave the area. The amount is often thousands of dollars that will be forfeited if the defendant does not show up for the trial.

Bail Provides Freedom for the Defendant

Bail Bond companies provide an affordable solution for people arrested and jailed for many crimes. The bail bond company for a fee pays the Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX. The defendant signs an agreement to show up for their hearing and trial and to pay an agreed-upon fee. The bail bond company advises and helps the defendant through the whole process. If the defendant fails to appear at their hearing or trial, the bail bond company will make every effort to find the defendant and get them back into custody and save the legal process. This way, the bail bond company does not lose their money.

The bail bond company is taking a risk on every person they help. The money actually paid is a percentage of the assigned amount of bail and, if the defendant skips town, the whole amount of bail will be due and forfeited. Each bail bond customer must convince the bail bond agent they will show up for their hearing and trial.