What Do Defendants Do To Get Bail Bonds In Hurst, TX

In Texas, bonding agents can visit criminal defendants in the county jail. The defendants submit requests to talk to the agents through the correctional officers. Defendants can’t access their personal effects until they are released, and they need a representative to pay their bonding agent. A local agent assists defendants with Bail Bonds in Hurst TX by coordinating with the representative.

Attain Eligibility for Bail

A defendant could become eligible for bail if the bonding agent negotiates with the judge. Bonding agents make connections with judges and clerks. Their connections enable them to discuss defendants with judges and try to get the bail set. Any defendant that is eligible for bail can get a bail bond to get out of jail.

Secure Money for the Bail Bond

Bonding agents accept all forms of payment for the bail bond. The representative for the defendant must secure the money for the bail quickly. The agents calculate the full fee for the bail bond and inform the representative of the amount. Collateral is accepted when money isn’t available.

Weekend Releases from the County Jail

Some bondsmen can get defendants released from the county jail when they are arrested over the weekend. However, the bonding agent must get a judge to sign off on the court documents. If a judge isn’t available, the defendant stays in jail until the following Monday. Bonding agents with the right connections can get defendants out sooner.

What to Expect

Once the bonding agent is paid, the documents are sent from the judge to the county jail. The correctional officers complete out-processing for the defendant. The process involves updating the defendant’s file in the database and providing them with all the personal belongings they had when arrested. The correctional officers explain the exact terms of the defendant’s release.

In Texas, bonding agents offer a variety of bail bonds and help defendants get out of jail. The agents coordinate with the defendant’s representative to get the payment for the bond. The bail bonds come with conditions, and the agents explain the terms before the defendant is released. Criminal defendants that need Bail Bonds in Hurst TX are encouraged to contact Bail Bonding Services right now.