Types of Cases That May Be Handled by a Ladder Accident Lawyer in North Stonington, CT

A ladder accident lawyer in North Stonington, CT commonly handles cases involving incidents at work sites and elsewhere. Workers’ compensation may not cover every individual completing task on the job site, and ladder accidents occur in other settings as well.


Independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ comp after an accident, so they turn to injury lawyers to help them gain compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. These accidents usually occur at construction sites where many workers are not employees of the company but are working under contract.

Residential Settings

Ladder accidents can happen in other settings, but it may be more complicated to prove it in favor of the plaintiff. For instance, a person who falls from a ladder while clearing out a neighbor’s gutters might want to sue under the legal category of premises liability.

However, a ladder accident lawyer in North Stonington, CT would need to be able to prove negligence on the part of the property owner in regard to the incident. A case could be made if the neighbour knew the ladder was not in good shape. There must be solid evidence of that knowledge, though. Perhaps this neighbor had done some initial shopping for a new ladder recently and told the sales personnel the current one was in unsafe condition.

Business Environments

Another type of situation might also be categorized as premises liability in regard to incidents with ladders. A customer walking through a lumber yard could easily be injured if an employee on a ladder accidentally were to drop materials or equipment. A lawyer such as Stephen M. Reck can help this individual obtain compensation for hospital bills and other expenses related to the incident, as well as for lost income and future expected medical bills.

Relevant Statistics

Statistics on injuries from ladder accidents are alarming. About 43% of falls that cause serious injury involve a ladder. Many of these accidents cause fatalities. Workers are expected to be equipped with a variety of gear to prevent injury if they do fall. Visit the website of one particular organization providing legal representation for people who have been seriously injured.