Social Security in the United States is charged with the responsibility of providing retirement benefits as well as paying disability benefits to people that are suffering from a long-term physical or mental disability. Social Security law in Missouri states that the disability must be such that it has, or will, prevent the claimant from working for one-year minimum, or the situation is expected to end with the death of the claimant.

Social Security Law:

There is a specific criterion for receiving disability benefits as an adult:

   * Minimum age 18, permanently residing in the US or US territory
   * Accumulate 40 work credits, 20 of which must have been earned in the ten years preceding a claim

The SSA (Social Security Administration) considers several factors when assessing a claim for disability benefits. There must be medical evidence that the condition is expected to last 12 months minimum or result in death, prevent you from doing your job or any other job. Your disability must be one that is included in the Administrations “Blue Book.” If it is not on the list, a separate evaluation will be made by the SSA. The severity of some disabilities is well known; benefits are approved upon submission of the diagnosis with no waiting period.

To qualify:

Social Security law in Missouri states that to qualify for disability benefits, your condition must be such that you are unable to perform your normal work. Part of the review process is a determination of whether you are capable of performing other tasks, taking into full account your age, education, job experience and transferable skills. If you are unable to adjust to a new job and you meet the other criterion, you qualify for disability benefits.

If you are denied benefits, the law gives you 60 days in which you can hire a knowledgeable disability attorney and lodge an appeal.

Disability law in Missouri can be very difficult to understand. If you are disabled and unable to work, contact the Grundy Disability Group, LLC for assistance in getting the benefits you deserve. Follow us on twitter.