In Wisconsin, defamation of character doesn’t cause actual physical injuries to the victim, but it does cause serious losses for them. The cases are based on a statement made by another party that influences or affects the public opinion of the individual and/or company. A Personal Injury Attorney in De Pere WI prepares a case for the victim based on the circumstances of the allegations.

Defamation of Character

Defamation of character is based on a statement made about the victim that isn’t valid. The cases require the victim to present evidence that shows that the statement isn’t true. However, in some cases, the judge requires the defendant to provide evidence to support their claim. In the claims, any public figures who are claiming defamation of character must provide evidentiality support that indicates a malicious act.

What is the Difference in Libel and Slander?

In defamation cases, libel is any statement that appears in print. Instances of libel are found in print media and/or social media. Slander, on the other hand, is a defaming statement that is spoken in a public forum such as television or radio.

What Type of Losses are Generated?

Typically, the losses generated from defamation include a significant blow to the individual’s or company’s reputation. The victim losses profits and/or potential earnings due to a shift in public opinion after the statement is made. In some cases, the damages lead to the shutdown of their company and/or the individual losses credibility in their respective industry.

What Statements Cannot be Used to Prove Defamation?

Any statements that were used in a different court case and/or a matter of public record and proven to be true aren’t used in a defamation case. Even if the defendant repeated the information verbally or in print, the victim doesn’t have the legal right to claim libel or slander.

In Wisconsin, defamation of character is a form of non-physical personal injury for which a victim has the legal right to seek damages. The cases indicate that another party presented information verbally or in print that isn’t true and caused financial losses for the claimant. Victims of false statements contact a Personal Injury Attorney in De Pere WI through Brabazon Law Office LLC right now.