There are upwards of five-dozen hospitals operating in the state of Florida, and these clinics attend to a great range of medical crises on an everyday basis, but none are more rampant than coincidental slips and falls.

The Demography of Slips and Falls in Florida

By virtue of the sheer rate of inadvertent injuries in Florida and the United States at large, your local slip and fall accident attorney occupies a big role with respect to securing insurance claims, helping clients recuperate, and fighting for litigation settlements:

  • From a healthcare and hospitalization angle, the usual dollar amount linked to slip and fall injuries varies between $28,000 and $50,000 subject to the seriousness and acuteness of the episode in question.

  • Medical debts and dues that develop from slip and fall cases overwhelm millions of Americans every year, costing well over $30 billion in emergency fees and an average of two weeks of lost wages for each victim.

  • Falls are responsible for the biggest share of brain injuries and hip fractures, which can shatter a person’s quality of life regardless of age, pre existing conditions, or personal income.

A miniscule fraction of injury sufferers contact a slip & fall accident attorney in Stuart FL, even though there are many opportunities for valuable compensation within Florida’s legal code.

Throughout the US, there have been monumental injury settlements bestowed to victims over the years. Just last year in Alabama, a slip and fall accident attorney secured a $7.5 million reward for a client that tumbled in a retail store, and a property owner in Florida was found culpable for an elderly man’s blindness and had to pay out $4 million as a penalty.

How Much Will I Have to Pay to Meet With a Lawyer?

There is no reason to go bankrupt or live out the rest of your life with a sense of hopelessness following an injury, as your slip and fall accident attorney in Stuart FL will dissect and undertake your case for free.

So don’t drown in medical bills or hang in limbo – pay a visit to the Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne, P.A. promptly so that you can get reimbursed as speedily as possible.