If you have any doubts about the importance of our nation’s workers’ compensation program, take a look at some of the edifying facts and figures shown below:

  *    The ’s workers’ compensation system covers more than 140 million employees in the United States.

  *    The total expenditures within the program add up to more than $95 billion per year.

  *    Approximately three million non-fatal accidents occurred during the past year, which equates to about 3.5 injuries per 100 full-time employees.

  *    The vast majority of ’s workers’ compensation cases involve vocational injuries (95%), while illnesses and maladies account for the remainder.

  *    Upwards of 4,000 US workers die each year whilst on the job.

  *    Many businesses classify their vocations as less hazardous than they really are. F for instance, they’ll label a metal worker as a secretary in an effort to obtain lower ’s workers’ comp premiums.

If you’ve been injured in the workplace and need assistance with workers’ compensation in Washington, PA, it’s easy to see that you’ll need to avail yourself of a reputable legal team to facilitate the forthcoming process, especially if your employer keeps a robust team of attorneys on retainer.

Shown below are the two primary aspects that you should look out for as you try to select a reliable attorney to handle your situation.

No Win, No Fee Promise

The most distinguished legal firms, such as Porta-Clark & Ward Attorneys At Law for instance, pride themselves on offering top-notch legal services without straining clients’ personal budgets, which is why you should look out for the following factors during your research:

  *    Hassle-free, no-obligation consultations

  *    No fee requirements unless you win the case

  *    Free top-to-bottom case evaluation after the initial consultation

Targeted Experience

In order to truly separate the contenders from the pretenders, you’ll want to turn your attention to each firm’s documented history of service:

  *    30+ years’ experience in the ’s workers’ comp sector

  *    Extensive assortment of client testimonials listed on the firm’s homepage

  *    Experience with civil and administrative cases

  *    Longstanding history of defending only injured individuals (never the employers)