Among the numerous considerations and worries of new entrepreneurs who own or are planning to run smaller businesses is if they need to hire business lawyers. The common perception of attorneys is that they charge high rates that small businesses may not be able to afford. As a result, most business owners don’t hire attorneys until they have serious legal issues.

While you certainly don’t need a business lawyer for every step of your business, there is something to be said for consulting a business planning attorney and taking preventive action. This article will help you determine areas that you can handle on your own with minimal amounts of attorney assistance and when you most definitely need a business planning attorney in Ottawa, KS.

What You Can Handle

Certain straightforward matters don’t always require the service of an attorney. Although a business planning attorney may be able to help in these areas, why not save money if you can?

  *     Researching and choosing a business name
  *     Registering your chosen business name
  *     Reserving a business domain for your online presence and website
  *     Applying for an EIN (employer identification number)
  *     Interviewing and hiring employees
  *     Developing day-to-day processes (unless these need to be compliant with regulations, depending on your industry)

When You Might Want a Business Planning Lawyer

There are, however, times when a business faces situations that are too complex or of extremely high importance. Things such as developing processes, complying with governmental regulations, and adhering to laws should always be reviewed by a business planning attorney in the beginning stages.

  *     Reviewing your finished business plan
  *     Drafting legal partnership agreements, an LLC (limited liability company) operating agreement, or a shareholder agreement
  *     Creating client contracts
  *     Drafting buy and sell agreements

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