How to Prepare For Meeting With the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Lawyers

Injured workers who find the process of pursuing worker’s compensation benefits difficult sometimes need help from a lawyer. The Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL cannot guarantee any outcome, but they can provide sound legal guidance that will help an injured worker in the process of pursuing compensation. With this information, injured workers will understand how to prepare for their first meeting with the lawyer.

What Should Be Brought to the Meeting?

Before a person attends their consultation meeting, they need to make sure they are properly prepared. This meeting is vital for informing the lawyer of the injuries and how they occurred. The more information shared during this meeting, the better the chances of the lawyer being able to properly help their client through the process.

The following information should be brought to the consultation meeting with the worker’s compensation lawyer:

  *     The name and contact information of the employer

  *     The name and contact information of the insurance company

  *     Information on the injury diagnosis and prognosis

  *     How long the injured worker has been out of work

  *     Any correspondence from the employer or insurance company

  *     Detailed information on all medical care received

  *     Witness names, contact information, and statements

  *     Pay rate information, including the amount a year before the injury occurred

  *     A list of pertinent dates that mark events since the injury

Lawyers Help Their Clients Receive a Fair Outcome

When a person becomes injured on the job, they are often unaware of the rights they hold. A lawyer works to inform their clients of the rights they hold and help protect them through the process of pursuing their worker’s compensation benefits.

If a denial is given, the worker has the right to appeal, and a lawyer can make that process easier. It is important an injured worker seeks the help of the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Ft. Pierce FL as soon as possible after their injury so the process will be less stressful.

Call right away if you are having difficulty getting the benefits you deserve. Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille is a law firm dedicated to helping injured workers receive fair benefits. Call today for your appointment.

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