Complications of Divorce May Require Child Custody Attorneys in Temecula

Whenever a family ends up in a divorce situation, one of the unfortunate outcomes of such an ordeal is deciding who will get custody of the child. If there is more than one child, the matter becomes more complex and can often end in a fierce battle in court. There are child custody attorneys in Temecula who are aware of these complications. These are some of the things those involved will have to look out for.

The Types of Child Custody

When entering the court system to discuss the custody of a child or children, people should be aware of the types of custody that are offered. There are two basic types: sole custody and joint custody. How this will play out for the benefit of one parent or both will be determined by the court. In sole custody, the child or children go to one parent with whom the child or children will physically live and depend on for support. In joint custody, which is hopeful, an arrangement is made where both parents or guardians will share the custody of the child or the children.

What Requirements Must Be Met for Child Custody

The parent who is hopeful of getting sole custody of a child or children must ensure they meet the requirements set up by the courts. Of course, the first factor that will be looked at is the financial stability of the parent and if they are able to successfully maintain the children (with the resources of the other parent). Another thing that will be looked at is the background of the parent. For example, if they have had drug issues in the past, that record will have an impact on the court’s decision.

An Attorney Who Can Help

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