Stop Garnishments with the Help of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Bowie, MD

Contrary to what some people might believe, most people want to pay their debts. Those that fail to make scheduled payments usually do so because they just don’t have the money in their budget to take care of the bill. This could be because they lost their job, had a large, unexpected expense, or separated from their spouse and lost half of their household income. Any of these situations could lead a person to get behind on their bills and, to make matters worse, a credit card company might sue their customer in order to collect the outstanding balance from their salary.

Wage garnishments only add insult to injury. People who can barely afford to keep a roof over their heads can’t afford to lose a large portion of their income to pay off an old bill. Fortunately, a bankruptcy attorney in Bowie, MD might be able to help. Bankruptcy can often stop wage garnishments. In addition to stopping the garnishment, filing for bankruptcy protection might also help a person get some of their money back from the creditor.

Chances are, if a person gets sued for one debt, there are other creditors waiting their turn to garnish their former customer’s wages. By working with a bankruptcy attorney in Bowie, MD to file the necessary documents, all of the collection actions will stop. This gives an individual or married couple that has been struggling to find a way to take care of these debts a chance to think about their next steps without losing part of their income involuntarily to an old creditor.

Sometimes, these collections are a result of old debts a person forgot even existed. They might have moved and never got a notification the creditor planned to sue them. A bankruptcy attorney in Bowie, MD might help these people determine which debts they still have outstanding so they can all be included in the bankruptcy filing. It’s important to include all debts on the initial paperwork to ensure old bills to not reappear in the future.