How Can You Benefit from Hiring a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lithonia, GA?

No one wants to find themselves in debt. However, it happens when least expected. No matter how carefully a person plans their finances, unexpected issues can arise and cause them to fall behind on their monthly payments. It only takes two to three payments in arrears for a creditor to begin taking action. Creditors can often grow aggressive in their approaches to settle debt and will seek collection activities such as foreclosure and repossession. Thankfully, individuals can receive help with their debt by meeting with a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Lithonia, GA.

Facing debt head-on is crucial for avoiding a loss of property, especially a home. If a person waits too long to seek help, they could be thrust into the foreclosure process and find it difficult to avoid losing the home they have worked so hard to keep. Meeting with the chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Lithonia, GA allows a person to learn more about their options and what they will need to do to file for bankruptcy. They will also learn if bankruptcy will be a viable option to help them get out of their debt.

Chapter 13 is most beneficial for those with secured debts. Homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes or other property need to seek help so their rights can be protected. Once the bankruptcy is in effect, the creditors can no longer pursue collections and they cannot even contact the debtor who owes them. All forms of communication must be filed through the debtor’s lawyer.

When a person is approved for chapter 13, they are given three to five years to pay off their debts. With a structured payment plan, they work to pay off their debts within that period so they are no longer in danger of losing their property to collections.

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