Assessing Strategies With Divorce Attorneys In Bethlehem, PA

In Pennsylvania, divorce petitioners must review strategies for achieving their expectations. These strategies could prevent them from facing financial hardships and allowing their spouse to take more than their fair share. The following is a review of options for assessing strategies with Divorce Attorneys in Bethlehem PA.

Division of Marital Property and Assets

Each spouse is entitled to one-half of all marital properties and assets. This includes but is not limited to all real properties, monetary assets, pension plans, retirement, and life insurance. These assets must be divided among each spouse. A spouse can negotiate for more of the assets if they offer temporary spousal support or an alternative. Under certain laws, a spouse who owned certain properties before the marriage can retain ownership of these properties.

Temporary and Permanent Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support is provided to provide an adjustment in their income. It is available until the spouse can increase their earning capacity. These temporary assignments are provided if their spouse agreed to pay for a college degree program. On the other hand, permanent assignments last through the spouse’s life or until they remarry.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support arrangements are in the hands of the parents in most cases. They can negotiate if they live in the same city to split time with the child. This could help them both to retain rights to make decisions for their child. It could also lower the requirements for child support.

Enforcement of Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is enforced in the state of Pennsylvania. They define terms in which the couple agreed upon before the marriage. They may include conditions that provide additional assets if a spouse is unfaithful. This could also alter or enforce child custody agreements identified in the prenup.

In Pennsylvania, divorce petitioners can use strategies to get more out of their divorces. These legal actions provide them with an equal division of the assets. The couple may also enforce the terms of a prenuptial agreement based on their divorce grounds. Petitioners who need help with these strategies contact Divorce Attorneys in Bethlehem PA or Get more information here now.