Should You Hire A Lawyer If You Are Injured At Work?

Employers are obliged to provide their employees with workers compensation insurance. This insurance is in place to cover medical expenses and lost income should you be injured in the course of doing your job. If you are injured at work and wonder if you need to hire an attorney, the answer depends on the extent of your injuries and how your employer and the insurer react to a claim.

If your injuries are minor and you missed very little work rarely is there a need to hire a workers compensation attorney in Anaheim but, even in circumstances such as there, it is never a bad an idea to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. The attorney can hear you out and give you his or her honest opinion on whether this is something you can deal with yourself or whether, to protect your rights, you should hire the attorney.

When an attorney is needed:

As there are numerous complexities associated with workers compensation cases, the moment you sense any potential problems is the moment that you need to hire an attorney. Situations such as those that follow definitely require the services of an attorney:

   * You are denied benefits: It’s not unusual for an injured worker, employer or the insurer to deny a workers comp claim. These people know from experience that the majority of those that are denied benefits will not lodge an appeal, they simply accept the denial. A skilled workers compensation attorney in Anaheim will give you the best chance of getting what is rightfully yours.

   * The settlement offer does not cover all expenses: When you are injured on the job, you can claim for lost income and all medical expenses. Even though settlements must be approved by a judge, don’t expect the judge to stand up for you, if the settlement does not appear grisly unfair chances are the judge will approve it.

A seasoned workers compensation attorney in Anaheim can also help in the event your company takes retaliatory action or if there is third party involvement.

If your claim for workers compensation has been denied or even partially agreed upon you need to hire a workers compensation attorney in Anaheim. For a free evaluation of your case you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.