Protection Is Available with the Help of a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Lebanon County, PA

Feeling unsafe in your home, place of work, or being in public is a frightening situation. Domestic violence is a common problem between a husband and wife, domestic partners, immediate family, former spouses, parents of a child that aren’t married, and many other types of intimate relationships. An individual can see protection from abusive situations with the help of a domestic violence lawyer in Lebanon County, PA.

Domestic abuse is when one person knowingly, intentionally or recklessly causes bodily injury or fear of bodily injury or assault. Domestic violence can include sexual assault, rape, or sexually abusing minor children. If someone repeatedly engages in a repetitive conduct towards someone, like stalking, it could be considered domestic violence.

Filing for Protection

An individual can file for a Protection From Abuse Order (PF) in the Court of Common Pleas Family Division. An individual will have to explain the situation to a judge so they can determine if an emergency order needs to be issued. It’s very important to document all harassing or threatening behavior.

Documentation should include dates, times, witnesses, and details surround the event. This helps to provide the judge with a clear picture and gives an individual credibility. If the situation is an emergency and not during normal court hours, an individual can go to a magistrate and receive an emergency order.

Emergency Order

When an emergency order is issued, it will stay in effect until a full hearing can be held on the merits of the case and the accused abuser can present their side. A domestic violence lawyer in Lebanon County, PA should be hired to represent the individual filing a claim or to fight an allegation.


A PFA can exclude an individual from the home, temporary award custody, provide child support or spousal support, establish a temporary custody order, and much more. If the individual violates the order, they could be arrested and placed in jail. Also, they could be held in civil contempt of a court order.

An individual does not have to live in fear on a regular basis when they obtain a PFA. It is another layer of protection that the police can enforce. If you are a victim of abuse, contact the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery for the support you need.