Those who are arrested and charged with a DUI might be worried about what could happen if they’re convicted. The conviction will stay on their record and they may face serious penalties for the charge. If the person requests help from a DUI attorney in Cambridge, MD, there are a few suggestions the attorney might make that could help the person get a reduced sentence.

Accept a Plea Deal

Plea deals may be offered as a way to avoid a trial. Trials are expensive, so the prosecution might be willing to offer a reduced charge and sentence in exchange for a guilty plea without going to court. The arrested person’s attorney will review the plea deal for them and let them know if this is a good option for their case. If it is, the person can accept the plea deal and, though they’ll have a conviction on their record, they’ll be able to avoid the maximum penalties they would otherwise have to face.

Attend a DUI Education Course

Judges want to see that the person understands what they did was wrong. When the arrested person takes a DUI education course before the hearing, they can show the judge they made a mistake and are working to ensure it does not happen again. Judges who see this are often more willing to be lenient with their sentencing and may give the person the minimum sentence instead of the maximum sentence.

Go Through Rehabilitation

If the person has an alcohol problem that led to the DUI and arrest, they might want to go ahead and sign up for a rehabilitation program. Like taking a DUI education course, this shows the judge they’re trying to better themselves even without it being a requirement and are trying to avoid doing the same thing in the future. This could go a long way toward convincing a judge to be more lenient.

A DUI attorney in Cambridge, MD will try to help you avoid a conviction if possible. If it is not possible, they can provide advice like the information above to help you avoid the maximum penalties for a conviction. Be sure to visit the website for an attorney now to learn more about the impact of a DUI conviction as well as how they can help you get a better outcome for your case.