Protecting Your Innocence with a Domestic Violence Attorney in Pocatello, ID

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Domestic violence charges can plague your name, prevent you from getting a job, and keep you from seeing your children. They are serious allegations, and if they are untrue, the stigma behind them can still make them difficult to face in court. If you have been wrongfully charged, contact a domestic violence attorney in Pocatello, ID today.

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Charged?

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, contact a domestic violence attorney immediately. Before speaking with the police, to protect yourself, speak with your attorney first. They can advise you on how to handle any inquiries.

Also, it’s always important for clients to follow their “no contact” orders. You may take issue with this if you feel wrongly accused, but following the orders will help uphold your image in the courts. Your domestic violence attorney may help you to prove that you’ve acted out of self-defense or in the protection of your children, which can help your case.

Make sure, too, that your rights were read to you before you were questioned. If they weren’t, your case has the possibility of being dismissed.

What Should I Look For in an Attorney?

Hire attorneys who have familiarity with domestic violence cases. They need to be able to negotiate on your behalf to see if they can get your case dismissed or at least lessen the severity of the punishment. Attorneys are trained to offer other solutions like anger management classes or other such counseling as alternatives to jail time. This might be particularly useful if this incident was isolated. No matter what the situation, contact us for your best possibility in defending yourself against your domestic violence charges.

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