Hiring a Reliable Disability Attorney in Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Being denied disability or compensation for an injury is not only frustrating, but is also almost always a financial burden.

Luckily, a denial isn’t the end of the road, and claimants still have a chance to receive their compensation by taking the necessary steps. One of these steps involves hiring a disability attorney to represent you in the legal battles to come.

Having a legal expert and a middleman between you and the disability office on your side allows you to more effectively argue your case and increases your chances of winning.

Attorney Responsibilities

The primary duties of your attorney are to develop and analyze medical evidence and form a theory of your disability that they can use as leverage in a courtroom to get you your benefits.

An expanded look at the responsibilities of your disability attorney in Wisconsin Rapids, WI include all of the following:

• Discussing and collecting information from various medical professionals
• A disability attorney should guide their client through the process and keep them informed.
• Appeal denials
• Speak on your behalf in the courtroom

Contact Duncan Disability Law S.C. for legal representation regarding your disability claim.

If You Have Already Been Approved

If you have been approved for disability but feel unfairly or inadequately compensated, you may be able to hire a disability attorney to help you argue for more. For these types of situations, don’t be afraid to contact a law office and have them hear your case to determine if more compensation is an option.

Workers’ Compensation

Along the lines of disability, most disability and social security law offices handle workers’ compensation as well.

Going up against a corporation with attorneys is a nearly impossible win, so if you have been injured on the job and are having difficulty receiving compensation, contact an attorney as soon as possible. You can also connect them on Facebook.