Exploring All Options With Auto Accident Lawyer In Luzerne County, PA

In Pennsylvania, all drivers face restrictions according to a no-fault accident system. The laws require the auto drivers to purchase specific auto insurance policies and identify exact coverage levels. The auto owners also review additional legalities when buying their policies. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Luzerne County PA helps auto accident victims.

Filing a Claim Through Your Own Insurance

The state requires all drivers to purchase bodily injury cover that offers $15,000 for the first injury. It should provide $30,000 for the total accident. The driver needs property damage liability coverage that is at least $5,000. They also need underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage that offers a minimum of $15,000 and a maximum of $30,000. After an accident, the victim has the opportunity to collect from their own insurance policies based on their coverage level.

What Does Full or Limited Tort Mean?

The full tort option indicates that the auto owner is opting out of the no-fault accident system. The auto owner has the right to file a lawsuit against the accountable driver to collect compensation. With limited tort, the auto owner cannot file a lawsuit at all. The victim is required to collect all compensation through their own insurance policies.

The full tort option has some limits. The accident victim files a lawsuit after they sustain serious or life-altering injuries only. If the injuries exceed their coverage level, the victim seeks damages through a legal claim against the accountable driver.

Starting a Legal Claim

The accident victim needs extensive evidence of their injuries. The medical records related to the accident are used to support the victim’s claim. The findings of their medical assessment must show that the injuries resulted from the accident. All expenses and financial losses related to the victim’s injuries are calculated and added to the legal claim.

In Pennsylvania, all accident victims seek compensation based on their choices when they purchase auto coverage. The auto owners have the choice to opt out of the state’s no-fault system or file claims based on the related laws. More severe accident injuries warrant the right to a lawsuit if the drivers choose full tort. Victims who need assistance contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Luzerne County PA by visiting¬†domain URL now. You can also visit them on Google My Business.