In Connecticut, medical malpractices occur when doctors don’t provide a high standard of care. The indications of a medical error show that the doctor didn’t provide a proper duty to their patients. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs CT provides patients with assistance when a doctor causes an avoidable injury.

Pinpointing the Medical Error

The case must pinpoint the medical error and link the doctor to the patient’s injuries. An assessment of the patient’s medical records defines how the error occurred and its effects. The patient’s medical records establish the doctor’s liability and why they are being held accountable.

Subpoenaing a Medical Witness

A medical witness is needed to identify the patient’s injuries, how they occurred, and how the doctor could have prevented them. The testimony defines whether or not the condition could occur due to a high standard of care or if any doctor could have made the same mistake. The witness provides support for the patient’s claim and shows why the defendant is responsible for the injuries.

Depositions from Witnesses

All medical staff that was present when the medical error occurred are deposed. Each must explain what they saw and how the doctor caused the patient’s injuries. The staff helps the attorney create an outline of the events that lead up to the injury. The assessment helps determine if any additional defendants are responsible for the patient’s injuries.

Meeting with the Hospital Board

The first step is to meet with the hospital board. The mediation process enables the hospital board to lower the impact of the lawsuit. Whenever possible, the hospital board settles the claim out of court. However, the hospital must provide an adequate settlement based on the patient’s losses.

In Connecticut, medical malpractices are failures by doctors when treating patients. Typically, the medical errors happen during surgery or when the doctor is diagnosing the patient. A doctor that fails to provide adequate care is liable when the patient’s condition deteriorates. The liabilities lead to hefty economic damages along with punitive damages that are used to punish the doctor. Patients who need assistance from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs CT contact Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP now.