Using a Personal Injury Lawyer in Waldorf, MD to Prove an Injury Was Falsified

If a business owner is sued for negligence because a customer lied about having fallen on their property, hiring a personal injury lawyer in Waldorf, MD is necessary. The attorney will look into facts about the case to prove that the customer falsified their claim. Here are some steps to take to help prove that a fall was staged by a customer.

Find Out About Medical Documentation

The person who fell will need to acquire documentation from medical professionals about the status of their injury. If this is not obtained, it will place doubt on the extent of the injury in a court of law. An attorney will help to retain this information as needed. If the person who claimed to get hurt does not attend follow-up appointments or get prescriptions filled in a timely manner, this lack of action will also lead to doubt about how hurt they truly are.

Do Some Investigative Work

Following the person who claimed to have been injured may show they are able to do actions that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to do if they were truly injured. It is best to get a private investigator to conduct surveillance of the person. An attorney will help with the retention of a professional private eye in the area to do this work. They will then use any information given to them to help prove the person falsified their claim.

Show the Area Was Maintained

Documentation showing that the area where the fall occurred was maintained as needed will be helpful in court. This will show that the floor was routinely cleaned and inspected, making it less likely that someone would have become injured due to the negligence of the business owner.

Find Out About Other Businesses

Other businesses in the area may have had similar incidents occur on their premises. Ask any businesses in the area to look at photographs of the person who claimed to have gotten injured. A business may have footage of the person walking on their property looking for a spot to pretend to fall.

When there is a need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Waldorf, MD, finding one experienced in false injury claims is a must. Get more information and call to schedule a consultation today.