A Bankruptcy Attorney in Wetumpka AL prepares and files legal documents with the court after determining which type is most appropriate for the client. A consultation with the client about the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 is essential, so this person is clear on what is involved. The lawyer represents the client in any hearings that are scheduled and answers any questions from the client throughout the process.

Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Considerations

Sometimes the person who needs to file for bankruptcy feels compelled to take actions that are not in his or her best interest or that are completely impractical or impossible. For instance, the individual may be determined to work out a repayment program through Chapter 13 instead of having the obligations eliminated through Chapter 7. If there is not enough income for this program, however, a repayment program cannot be created.

There can be stumbling blocks within Chapter 7 also. Someone who owes money on a car may desperately want to keep the vehicle. A Bankruptcy Attorney in Wetumpka AL can represent this person at a reaffirmation hearing in which he or she agrees to continue making the payments. Unfortunately, even with the elimination of other outstanding obligations, the car payments may be too high for the borrower to keep up with. Repossession may be inevitable.

Creditors Must Stop Collection Activity

Creditors are required to stop bothering the individual as soon as the filing is made. Some may continue to call, despite the regulations. The client only needs to contact the attorney, who will make sure the calls stop. If any creditors don’t heed the warning, they can be held in contempt of court and be forced to pay a hefty fine.

A Safety Net

Filing for bankruptcy through a law firm such as Courtney & Mann LLP is a completely acceptable way for someone to get out of debt when that debt is out of control. The process offers people a brand new start so they can stop spending so much time worrying about their financial obligations and wondering how to manage everything. This safety net may feel like a literal life-saver.