How Listening to a Divorce Lawyer in Springboro, OH Will Pay Off in a Big Way

There’s no desire to continue the marriage, so it makes sense to schedule an appointment with a divorce lawyer in Springboro, OH. During the course of the discussion, the lawyer will want to know more details about what’s going on. Depending on the information supplied by the client, the lawyer will have some advice on how the client needs to move forward. Here are some of the reasons why following that advice is in the client’s best interests.

Preventing Awkward Moments During the Settlement Talks

There’s a good chance the divorce lawyer in Springboro, OH will recommend the client refrain from making statements about the spouse while the talks about dividing assets are underway. It’s too easy to make a casual remark that becomes something entirely different by the time it gets back to the other party. As a result, a spouse who was on board with the divorce and splitting the assets equitably may become more resistant. By not making any remarks about the relationship or the character of the spouse, the negotiations are likely to be much smoother.

Think Twice About Social Engagements

As the lawyer will point out, it’s fine to go out with friends and spend some time going to the movies, sporting events, or any other type of public entertainment. What needs to be avoided is any activities that could be viewed as questionable by the legal counsel for the other party. This becomes especially important when there is the matter of child custody to consider. Until the divorce is final, weigh the options for socializing carefully, and focus on those that are above reproach.

Take Nothing for Granted

What starts out as a friendly divorce can turn nasty quickly. Even though everything looks fine at first, don’t assume they will stay that way long enough for the judge to grant the divorce. Be prepared for whatever turn the proceedings may take. This will likely mean sharing information with the lawyer that may be personally embarrassing. Keep in mind that information is held in the strictest of confidence and will only be used in court if it becomes necessary to make the case of the client.

If ending the marriage is the only practical move, Visit Business Name today. Follow the advice given to the letter and the process of becoming single again will be less complicated.