A Child Support Lawyer in Northfield NJ Can Dispel These 3 Common Myths

Divorce rates are high in the US, and parents are increasingly forced to deal with child support orders and payments. The current support system is intended to help children endure life changes such as divorce, and navigating the legal system can be difficult. The factors above make it especially important to hire an experienced child custody attorney. A Child Support Lawyer Northfield NJ like Michael T. Wolf Esq can help clients understand their rights while helping parents reach a fair agreement. Below are the truths behind three common myths on child support.

Child Support Orders are Final

Many people think child support decrees are set in stone, but they are modifiable. If a parent experiences illness, disability or a change in finances, or if the child reaches the age of majority, a modification can be requested with the help of a child support lawyer in Northfield NJ. Custodial parents can ask for additional support if the child’s needs grow, and non-custodial parents can ask for a modification if they remarry and have other children. Courts may grant a permanent or temporary modification as the family’s needs dictate. While temporary modifications are meant to cover one-time needs, permanent modifications are for prolonged life changes.

Support Obligations End When the Child Turns 18

This myth is widespread, but many do not understand. The child support end date should be included in the court order; if the parent cannot find the right information, they should contact an attorney and/or the state’s child support department. In most areas, however, child support can continue past the age of 18 if the child still lives at home and has not finished high school, or if the child has special needs. If a non-custodial parent is in arrears, those payments are due even if regular support has ended.

Support is for the Child’s Direct Benefit

Many parents mistakenly believe that child support payments go directly to the child. However, they actually go to the custodial parent. Proper documentation of child support payments can be useful if the court believes the other parent is misappropriating funds, and it may be helpful in requesting a modification.

As previously stated, a person facing child support and custody issues should consult an experienced attorney like Michael T. Wolf Esq in Northfield NJ. A child support lawyer will know state law, and he or she can guide parents in the right direction.