How an Agent Can Help You Acquire Bail Bonds in Midwest City, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, criminal proceedings begin with the arrest and processing of the defendant. Once the defendant is booked, the court schedules an arraignment, after which, the defendant can arrange for release. A bonding agent could provide these defendants with bail bonds in Midwest City, Oklahoma.

Attending the Arraignment

The bonding agent can attend the arraignment to represent the defendant and can negotiate the bail value with the judge. Defendants who have zero criminal records outside of this offense may acquire lower bail values. If this is achieved, the bail bond becomes more affordable for the defendant.

Negotiating the Bail Value

The agent discusses a variety of factors with the judge that could include the nature of the criminal infraction. If it wasn’t a dangerous crime, the defendant isn’t a risk to society. If they have never been arrested before, they could acquire more leverage with the judge.

Helping the Accused Acquire a Bail Bond

The defendant or their representative approaches the bonding agent with all vital details for the defendant including their name, crime, name of the jail, and their booking number. The bonding agent provides the defendant or representative with a value based on no more than fourteen percent of the total bail value.

The defendant or representative remits payment for the identified value. They may provide cash, check, or credit card payments. If they don’t have any of these, they can provide collateral for the bail bond, such as residential properties, automobiles, or high-value jewelry.

Explaining the Repercussions of a Failure to Appear

Any criminal defendant that doesn’t appear in court as directed incurs the repercussions of a failure to appear. If they don’t arrive in court, the judge issues a bench warrant for the defendant.

In Oklahoma, defendants who are arrested and issued a bail value need help to gain release. The value assigned to the bail bond is no more than fourteen percent of the bail value. Once it is paid, the bonding agent provides the necessary documentation to secure the defendant’s release. Individuals who need to acquire bail bonds in Midwest City, Oklahoma should contact us for more information.