Gaining Release Through Bail Bonds in Grapevine TX May Help Defendants Avoid Pleading Guilty

People who have been convicted of a felony or pleaded guilty to the crime in a plea bargain give up some of their voting rights in many states, including Texas. In that state, they cannot legally vote while in prison or during their term of parole or probation. This is a major reason why some individuals want to avoid rushing into a plea bargain. They may need an agency that provides Bail Bonds in Grapevine TX to help them regain their freedom after arrest.

The Loss of Certain Rights

When someone has been found guilty of a felony, that person can expect to give up some rights. That often includes at least a temporary loss of the right to freedom. Depending on the offense, the man or woman may have to give up the right to gun ownership. Losing the right to vote, at least temporarily, is another penalty.


It’s crucial for a person convicted of a felony not to vote until he or she is legally allowed to register again. Doing so and being caught leads to further prosecution. Being convicted may result in losing voting rights permanently. It can be very difficult to defend against this charge.

It becomes clear why men and women who are truly dedicated to voting in every election will want to avoid a plea bargain if they believe the case can be resolved in their favor. Organizations providing Bail Bonds in Grapevine TX help them regain freedom before trial so they can return to their family and job.

Relevant Statistics

Statistics confirm that in any given year, about 6 million U.S. residents cannot vote because of a felony conviction. The prohibition against voting affects poor, low-income and working class men and women by a large percentage. Advocates for a change in the laws want to see these individuals be allowed to vote after they are released from prison and not have to wait for months or even years while their term of parole or probation is ongoing. A defendant who is in jail before being convicted of a crime may seek assistance from an agency like Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds.