When accidents involve semi-trailer trucks, they can be quite serious. Trucks weigh as much as 20 times more than passenger vehicles. Therefore, a catastrophic accident or death can result. In Kansas, just over 5% of all accidents involved semi-trailer trucks in 2014. As a result, thousands of Kansans are injured every year in these crashes.

Seeking Damages

If you need to schedule a consultation with a truck accident attorney in Emporia, KS, you are one of an ever-growing segment of personal injury claimants. Because drivers of trucks often must follow tight schedules while carrying heavy cargo, accidents happen frequently. That is why personal accident attorneys in this field regularly work with clients to seek damages for negligence.

Driver Error

When you speak to a truck accident attorney, they can further detail the reasons for truck accidents. In most of the cases, the driver is at fault. Again, because drivers are under time constraints, they are more likely to drive aggressively. If the driver has not had adequate sleep, their alertness can become impaired.

Turning Your Claim Over to an Attorney

You need the assistance of a truck accident attorney to sort through the facts of your claim. Details can become complicated, if not confusing. By using the services of an attorney, you can ensure that a thorough investigation will be conducted before you proceed with your case. If your injuries are severe, you need to rely on a dedicated and expert attorney to represent you.

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