The Process of Consulting, Hiring and Relying on Injury Lawyers in Jefferson County MO

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Lawyers

When a person is seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else, this person may want to wait a while before consulting personal injury Lawyers in Jefferson County MO. The injured individual may want to see what the insurance company offers for a settlement before talking to an attorney. In reality, it’s sensible to contact a lawyer as soon as the person is well enough to do so. There is no obligation to hire the attorney, and injury attorneys usually offer free consultations.

Knowledge Is Power

A discussion with injury Lawyers in Jefferson County MO can shed light on what a reasonable settlement should be under these particular circumstances. Then, when the settlement offer arrives, the person will have the knowledge to understand whether it is too low or not. At this point, the individual can choose between attempting to negotiate a better offer directly with the insurer, or hire the lawyer to do so.


What should the insurance company pay for? The most obvious factor includes medical expenses related to the accident, including future treatment and therapy that doctors expect will be needed. Payment for lost income while the person cannot work should also be made. That includes compensation after the individual returns to work but needs time off for medical and therapy appointments.

Avoiding Trial

A primary reason why insurance companies make higher offers when a lawyer becomes involved is because that they do not want to go to court. They know that juries often sympathize with the plaintiff and may issue a court award that is even greater than the lawyer and client had requested. Most personal injury cases are settled out of court, although sometimes a lawsuit has to be filed before the insurer finally makes an acceptable offer in the effort to avoid trial.

Concluding Thoughts

Once an injured person hires a lawyer with an organization such as Wegmann Law Firm, there is no longer any need to speak to insurance company adjusters or other representatives unless the attorney is present. This takes a lot of stress off somebody who needs to concentrate on recovery and getting back to a normal life. Information can be viewed at Visit the website

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