Steps for Filing a Social Security Disability Claim in Oklahoma City, OK

In Oklahoma, Social Security Disability benefits are awarded to claimants who have an eligible condition. The programs offer benefits to individuals who have a work history and individuals who have never worked. The type of benefits the claimant receives depends on their work history. A local attorney can explain the steps for filing a Social Security Disability claim in Oklahoma City, OK.

File the Application

The claimant must start by filling out and submitting an application for Social Security Disability benefits. A request for the application is submitted to their regional office, or the claimant can complete the application online.

The Disability Determination Service

The Disability Determination Service is the first agency that receives the applications. The caseworkers assess the claimant’s application and determine if they have a condition that is eligible for SSI or SSDI. The eligible conditions must be physical or mental and prevent the individual from working in any industry. If the DDS believes that the claimant has a legitimate claim, the application is sent to the Social Security Administration office in the claimant’s district.

Who Assesses the Claimants?

The Social Security Administration sets up appointments with their network of doctors who assess the claimant’s condition. Typically, the individual visits a general medicine doctor to assess physical conditions and a psychiatric doctor to evaluate any mental illnesses that are reported. The findings of the doctors are reported to the SSA directly who make the final decision.

What to Do After a Denial

If the claimant is denied, they can approach an attorney to file an appeal or send in a request for a reconsideration. If the measures are unsuccessful, any claimant with a viable claim could file a lawsuit to secure the benefits. If they win, the claimant could acquire back-pay for any month in which they didn’t receive benefits starting on the date of their diagnosis.

In Oklahoma, Social Security Disability benefits provide disabled individuals with the means to support themselves financially. The programs also provide Medicaid health insurance for any party that approved. Claimants who have questions about their Social Security Disability claim in Oklahoma City, OK can visit right now.

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