Massachusetts is a no-fault state in regard to insurance claims for automotive accidents. That means each driver’s insurance pays for property damage, medical expenses and lost wages, no matter who was at fault for a collision. Unfortunately, there are policy limits on medical expenses that can cause a hardship for people who owe much higher amounts. An automobile injury attorney in Boston, MA may be able to help, depending on the circumstances.

Policy Limits

The limit for all medical costs and lost income to be paid by the person’s own insurance policy is $8,000. The automotive insurer expects the person’s health insurance to pick up the rest of the tab. However, not everyone has health insurance, and that coverage often has a high deductible amount along with significant co-pay expenses.

In Massachusetts, people who have been injured in a collision caused by another driver can file a claim against that person’s insurance policy if their costs are high enough or if specific types of harm occurred. For example, medical bills higher than $2,000 can justify a claim against the other policy. A serious permanent injury like losing an arm also justifies filing that type of claim.

Difficulties and Complexities

It can be very difficult to successfully accomplish this on one’s own, so the assistance of an automobile injury attorney in Boston, MA is recommended. In addition, the relevant laws are complex and can be bewildering to people who are not legal professionals. When someone is recovering from a serious injury, trying to manage the legal aspects only brings more stress into the person’s life.

Filing Suit

This individual will have to file a lawsuit to gain additional compensation. An organization such as The Law Offices of Burton J. Hass must gather the necessary evidence to prove that all expenses being demanded are related to the accident. Massachusetts law says that the medical costs must be customary and reasonable, which is a common stipulation. The claimant cannot include medical treatment for prior conditions, even if that treatment was done at the same time the accident-related medical care was provided. Information on this particular organization can be found at website. You can also visit them on Facebook.