Reasons Why You May Need Workers Compensation Attorneys in Wilkes Barre, PA

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Lawyers

Have you been injured on the job? Sadly, this happens more often than people realize, and the injuries may be minor or severe. Furthermore, some people have actually lost their lives simply while doing the job they were hired to do. When the time comes to file a worker’s compensation claim, an attorney should be contacted. He or she can be of great help as the process moves forward.

Multiple Responsible Parties

A person may assume they can only file a worker’s compensation claim against the employer. However, other parties could also be held responsible. For example, an employee injured while operating a forklift may find his employer, the forklift manufacturer, and the company responsible for maintaining the equipment can all be parties in the suit. The attorney determines this to ensure all parties are held accountable and the employee receives the compensation deserved.


There may come a time in the process when one or more defendants or their insurance companies wish to negotiate. The average person is likely not aware of how much to ask for when it comes to their specific type of injury, as they cannot imagine the far-reaching effects it will have. The attorney handles cases of this type regularly and can help determine a fair amount or turn to a network of professionals who will help determine a fair amount.


Employers are not supposed to retaliate against workers who file a claim of this type. However, they often attempt to do so. Workers Compensation Attorneys in Wilkes Barre PA ensure this action is halted immediately. In the event the worker has his or her hours cut, loses the job completely, or is penalized in another way, the attorney assists with filing a retaliation claim to protect the worker and his or her rights.

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