Do You Need to Hire Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont if You Have Been Referred for Medical Case Management?

Individuals, when injured on the job, are often confused by the workers’ compensation laws in place. They may wonder what their rights and responsibilities are. A good example of this is when they have been referred for medical case management. When this occurs, does the worker need to seek the services of Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont?

What is Medical Case Management?

Medical case management is nothing more than services designed to plan and coordinate any care that is received by the worker to rehabilitate him or her. This may include a care assessment and interview with the injured worker and assistance in developing a treatment plan with the employee, his or her family, and the medical team. Furthermore, treatment results may be assessed as part of this care management to ensure the desired results are being achieved. No medical care is involved in the management of the case. Rather, the services are provided to ensure the injured worker is aware of all treatment options, so informed decisions can be made.

The Role of Each Party in the Process

While the injured employee is entitled to receive any treatment that is deemed to be necessary and related to the injury sustained on the job, he or she can only obtain that care which is reasonable. Furthermore, the choice of medical providers is left to the employee. The employer or insurance carrier must provide these benefits and bear the cost. However, the employer or insurance carrier is permitted to take action to make certain the benefits are properly utilized and efficiently delivered. The medical case manager is tasked with ensuring this is the case and therefore medically manages or follows the injured worker as he or she moves through the treatment plan.

Workers do not have a say in whether a medical case manager is assigned. Many people hesitate to bring in a professional of this type for various reasons. Nevertheless, contacting Workers Compensation Lawyers in Vermont will be of no help in preventing this type of care. If you have more questions regarding medical case management, don’t hesitate to contact McVeigh Skiff LLP. The attorneys at the firm will help you know your rights and responsibilities under the law and obtain the care you need to recover from the injuries you sustained.