If you buy a new vehicle in Ohio and it has one or more defects that impair the vehicle’s use, safety, or resale value, and the defect is covered by the warranty, it may be a lemon.  You can request a refund of the purchase price or a replacement vehicle.

What qualifies as a lemon in Ohio?

A vehicle with a major unresolved problem that has a detrimental effect on the safety of the occupants may be a lemon. To qualify it must be:

   * Less than a year old, and
   * Not yet have traveled more than 18,000 miles

Under the Ohio Lemon Law, the manufacturer must be given an opportunity to repair the defect. Three attempts must have been made to fix a single problem, eight chances to fix multiple problems, and the car must have been in the shop for 30 days total. If the defect is such that it poses a potential of causing death or serious injury, only one attempt is given.

Protecting yourself:

There is no way you can tell if a car is a lemon simply by looking at it. Just in case it turns out to be a lemon there are a few things you can do:

   * Maintain records of all maintenance and repairs
   * Keep copies of all work done to the car while under warranty
   * Keep a log of all problems and defects

Once it is clear that the repairs have not eliminated the problem, the manufacturer can exercise the option of refunding the purchase price or providing you with a new vehicle.

Filing a complaint:

Under the terms of the Ohio Lemon law, it is the owner’s responsibility to detail the problems and the repair attempts and send this information to the manufacturer via certified mail. If the manufacturer disagrees with your claim, many manufacturers have an arbitration program available. In the event you do not get satisfaction from the arbitrator, you have the right to engage the services of an attorney and sue the manufacturer in court.

You have the right to a refund or a replacement vehicle thanks to the Ohio Lemon Law. As the law is complex, it is often best to hire a qualified attorney to help you with your claim. You are invited to discuss your claim with Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.