When someone becomes hurt in a slip and fall accident, it is likely they will want to be compensated for medical expenses sustained from the incident if another party was at fault for the occurrence. There are several tasks that can be taken following this type of incident to aid in boosting the chances of a favorable outcome should a lawsuit be conducted. Here is some important information to pass on to one of the Personal Injury Attorneys in Lacey WA when dealing with a slip-and-fall case.

Find Out Who Was In The Vicinity

When the fall occurred, someone may have been nearby who may have seen the entire incident happen. If so, they can give testimony in a court of law to show that the fall was not the fault of the person who had gotten injured. It is wise to ask the personal injury attorney working on the case to find out if there was surveillance video in the area of the fall. If so, the attorney will be able to obtain footage to evaluate to see if there were people who would be helpful in making statements in a court of law.

Take Photographs Of The Surroundings

After the fall occurs, it is beneficial to take out a cell phone to snap photographs of the area where the incident happens. This will be proof in court about the condition of the floor or whether items were in the way, making it difficult for pedestrians to navigate through the area. The phone will also have a time stamp available, showing the date and exact time that the incident happened.

Ask About Maintenance Of The Area

If the spot where the fall happened was not maintained as it should have been, the lack of care may have contributed to the fall. It is important to have an attorney inquire about maintenance logs to find out what type of care was given to the area and at what intervals.

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