How to Increase Chances of Receiving Benefits With the Help of a Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

Working with a Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI is by far the best way for those who have been temporarily or permanently disabled due to an accident, injury, or another unfortunate circumstance to improve their chances of gaining access to the benefits they need to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, the SSD and SSI benefit systems can be difficult to navigate, which leads to many completely legitimate claims being thrown out. Those who have already taken the important step of finding an attorney can read on to find some tips on how to work with this professional to create the strongest possible claim.

Be Ready in Advance

The process of applying for disability benefits typically involves speaking with claims representatives and attending hearings, which can be nerve-wracking. It’s a good idea for readers to prepare themselves in advance by putting together all of the documents they need and asking their lawyers what to expect when they reach these phases of the application process.

Get Pain Symptoms on Record

Those who are experiencing pain as a result of their disabilities should go out of their way, if necessary, to mention this pain and get adequate medical documentation of it before they apply. It may be tempting to minimize these or other symptoms, but if pain or disability is getting in the way of a clients’ abilities to live their lives, it’s important that they mention it. Similarly, it’s important for them to list each of their independent medical, physical, and mental symptoms instead of focusing on just one, as disability cases are only rarely won by clients’ descriptions of just one symptom or condition. To know more, click here.

Provide Details of Work History

Just about every client working with a Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids MI realizes that he or she will have to acquire a copy of relevant medical records. Not all of them know that they should also bring a detailed work history to their consultations with their attorneys. The information contained within these work histories can often make it much easier for disability attorneys like those working for Bleakley Law Offices P C to help them construct a more effective case and get a better benefits package.