Identifying The Steps in a Legal Action With A Products Liability Lawyer In Murfreesboro, TN

by | May 3, 2016 | Lawyers

In Tennessee, all consumers enjoy protection against unethical manufacturers. Under these laws, manufacturers cannot release products onto the market that present a risk to consumers. At any time the consumer is injured while using the product, they have the right to file a lawsuit. A Product Liability Lawyer Murfreesboro TN helps these consumers navigate through the legal process.

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency aids consumers once they have sustained injuries. This agency has the authority to launch an investigation at will when a risk is discovered. Once the consumer reports the product to the agency, an investigation could occur. If the agency identifies a serious risk to the public, the product is recalled.

Investigating the Product

The investigation of the product involves thorough testing. The testing determines what conditions could produce an injury. For the victim, the findings of the investigation could validate their claim. The purpose is to prove that a risk exists and that the manufacturer failed to warn the public through required warning labels.

Identifying the Origin of the Risk

The origin of the risk is also evaluated. If the risk was present in the design, the manufacturer is liable. This indicates they knew the product was potentially harmful to consumers and failed to do anything about the risks. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency can require the manufacturer to refund all money accumulated for the product back to consumers. They can also require the manufacturer to perform repairs if possible.

Proving Liability in Court

The findings of the Consumer Rights Protection Agency’s assessment plays a role in proving the liability. If the findings show a risk, the victim is more likely to recover damages. If the agency doesn’t launch an investigation, the victim’s attorney must provide the testing for them.

Tennessee consumers are protected under state and federal laws. These requirements reduce the likelihood of dangerous products being released on the market. However, some unethical manufacturers release these products anyway. Victims who suffered due to these failures should contact a Product Liability Lawyer Murfreesboro TN through the Law Office of Gritton & Gritton PLLC today.

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