Why Hire a Foreclosure Lawyer in Lithonia?

It is a sad reality that many Americans are forced to leave their beloved family homes due to financial concerns every day. When a resident falls too far behind in their mortgage payments, banks or lenders can begin the process of selling the home to recuperate lost money. The end result is to push the current inhabitants out into the street. The first step, however, is a legal process called foreclosure. Should a homeowner get a foreclosure notice in the mail, it’s extremely important to take action quickly. These banks are not required to be nice, but they are required to give their clients notice that they intend to take action. The best time to hire a foreclosure lawyer in Lithonia is directly after receiving it.

Spending the money to hire a lawyer may seem at first glance not to make much sense, but the majority of homeowners facing imminent foreclosure simply don’t have the money to pay back the loan in full. That’s why they were falling behind to begin with. Many give up hope without even realizing that there are other viable legal options.

A foreclosure lawyer in Lithonia can help clients better understand their legal options. They can sometimes help establish more reasonable repayment plans as well, helping families to stay in their homes. The foreclosure process can be complicated, and lawyers understand it much better than average homeowners. For some, loan modifications can be agreed upon between parties. For others, loss mitigation will allow them to restore their balance to good standing. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can, for those who are eligible, be a practical solution, as it gives homeowners more time to bring their loans current.

Of course, the lenders themselves are unlikely to inform homeowners of all of these options. Unscrupulous lenders may even knowingly commit errors throughout the foreclosure process that could go unnoticed by the average homeowner and family. It’s just a good idea to have a lawyer who can explain options, recognize discrepancies, and seek out reasons for dismissal throughout the process as well as offer defense in court.