FAQs a Dog Bite Lawyer in Norwich, CT Can Answer

In Connecticut, all dog owners are advised of the laws that pertain to their pet, and they must follow these laws to prevent injuries and the spread of the rabies virus. Pet owners who don’t manage their responsibilities to their dog could face a civil lawsuit if another party is injured. A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Norwich CT can provide answers to frequently asked questions about these cases.

Could the Victim Be Charged with a Crime?

The circumstances surrounding how the victim sustained their injuries are vital to these cases, and a victim that entered a property unlawful will face charges regardless of whether or not the dog attacked them. Additionally, if they provoked the animal via animal cruelty or any form of abuse could also lead to criminal charges against them.

What Is a Strict Liability Exactly?

Strict liability is an increased liability based on previous dog attacks that involved the same animal, and the pet owner can face these liabilities if they fail to prevent attacks in the future. Under this ruling, the pet owner must provide tort-based compensation for the victim due to this increased risk. They will also have to pay the victim for all medical expenses associated with the attack.

What Happens if the Dog Wasn’t Vaccinated?

Under state laws, all dogs must be vaccinated to prevent the transmission of the rabies virus, and a failure to follow this law leads to penalties. The pet owner will have to pay for a quarantine period to determine if the dog has rabies, and they are required to obtain vaccinations during this period. The pet owner will have to pay the cost of boarding services, medical visits, fines for not vaccinating the dog, and the cost of the vaccinations.

In Connecticut, all dog owners must comply with leash laws, vaccination requirements, and follow steps to prevent possible attacks. A failure to comply leads to civil lawsuits and criminal penalties in some cases, and the state can take the dog away from the owner. Victims of these events should discuss their case with a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Norwich, CT by contacting Stephen M. Reckor visiting for more info today.