Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney in Queens County, NY

Individuals want to know a number of things when choosing Personal Injury Attorney in Queens County, NY. They wish to know the fee structure, the experience of the attorney and methods of communication that will be used as the case moves forward. However, this information cannot be obtained after a brief phone call. Individuals should always take the time to meet with a number of attorneys to discover which one they feel most comfortable with. Then and only then can a person make an informed decision as to which lawyer to hire.

Free Consultations

Every attorney who works with personal injury victims should offer a free consultation. The victim is looking at mounting medical bills and may be facing an extended period of time away from work. Therefore, he or she does not need to worry about how to come up with the money to meet with an attorney and determine if they are the right fit. In addition, this consultation allows the attorney to examine the strength of the case to see if it should proceed before he or she requests any money from the victim.

Past Results

People often look at an attorney’s track record when deciding if they wish to hire him or her. However, when doing so a person needs to look at the attorney’s record when it comes to cases of a similar type. It does no good to know the attorney wins 80 % of child custody cases, as that bears no reflection on how he or she will do in a personal injury case. Be sure to obtain information about personal injury cases and the attorney’s past results with those.

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