FAQs That Can Be Answered By A Probate Attorney

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Texas, estate owners review methods of managing their estate in the future. The estate planning process provides the owner with steps that enable them to reduce the value of their estate. It also presents them with options for achieving full asset protection. The following are FAQs that can be answered by a Probate Attorney.

How Does an Estate Owner Manage an Irrevocable Trust?

They transfer certain assets and properties into the trust. This action separates them from the estate. This decreases the total value of the estate. The owner retains the right to make all decisions about these assets. They can also transfer any asset out of the trust at any time. They appoint a successor to take over the trust when they die.

What Types of Provisions are Available for Trust Funds?

The estate owner can set up any provisions for a trust fund. Typically, they use provisions to control the value of funds that are distributed each year. They can also set up conditions associated with funds set up for any minor children. These provisions protect the assets and stop fraudulent use of the money.

What are the Requirements for a Health Care Plan?

The estate owner sets up a health care plan to provide details about their health care wishes. This plan may include a living will to prevent lifesaving treatment under certain conditions. They choose a health care proxy to ensure their wishes are fulfilled.

How Can the Owner Protect Their Assets Against Creditors?

The estate owner can transfer all properties and assets out of the estate to protect them against creditors. They could also set up an account to settle any overdue balances. A life insurance policy can also provide funds to settle these debts. The estate owner can set up provisions to distribute these funds to their creditors.

In Texas, estate owners evaluate all methods that can protect their assets and properties. These measures are available through estate planning. The owner can set up provisions to reduce the probability of major losses for their family. They create irrevocable trusts and transfer property earlier.

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